At Manomet, we believe people can live and work today in ways that will enable our world to thrive and prosper tomorrow.

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Board of Trustees

Councilors and Trustees Emeritus

  • Deborah I. Harrison, Councilor Co-Chair/Trustee Liaison
  • Emily N. Hunnewell, Councilor, Co-Chair
  • Loring Conant, Jr., M.D., Councilor
  • Liz Cook, Councilor
  • Janne Corneil, Councilor
  • Paul Dobbins, Councilor
  • Kathleen Emrich, Councilor
  • A. Boynton Glidden III, Councilor
  • George Gregory, Councilor
  • Sophie Hollingsworth, Councilor
  • Alice Walker Loehlin, Councilor
  • James H. Loehlin, PhD, Councilor
  • Sonia Loizeaux, Councilor
  • Gwyneth E. Loud, Councilor
  • Jo-Ann Lovejoy, Councilor
  • Virginia Murray, Councilor
  • John H. Pryor, Councilor
  • Stewart Sanders, Councilor
  • John D. Sharp, Councilor
  • Millie Solomon, Councilor
  • Martha Stearns, Councilor
  • Brooke Stevens, Councilor
  • John S. Whiting, Councilor
  • Marie F. Whiting, Councilor
  • Linda E. Leddy, President Emeritus
  • Peter C. Bennett, Life Trustee
  • Richard S. Chute, Life Trustee
  • Eugene B. Doggett, Life Trustee
  • John C. Fuller, Life Trustee
  • Anne Gamble, Life Trustee
  • Jane Hallowell, Life Trustee
  • John C. Kricher, Ph.D., Life Trustee
  • Douglas B. Rhodes, Life Trustee
  • Peter M. Richards, Life Trustee
  • Hanson C. Robbins, Life Trustee
  • Henry F. Sears, M.D., Life Trustee
  • Nancy B. Soulette, Life Trustee