At Manomet, we believe people can live and work today in ways that will enable our world to thrive and prosper tomorrow.

Our staff works to effect meaningful change by engaging the people who manage four key systems: natural, forest, food, and economic. We focus our work on the parts of the system where we can have measurable impact and opportunity for scale.

Learn more about the team that drives our work for a more sustainable world.


Board of Trustees

Councilors and Trustees Emiritus

  • Weston Howland III, Councilor
  • Deborah I. Harrison, Councilor
  • C. Redington Barrett, M.D., Councilor
  • Elizabeth B. Barrett, Councilor
  • David C. Cole, Councilor
  • Loring Conant, Jr., M.D., Councilor
  • Janne Corneil, Councilor
  • Kathleen Emrich, Councilor
  • A. Boynton Glidden III, Councilor
  • George Gregory, Councilor
  • Cynthia Hallowell, Councilor
  • Emily N. Hunnewell, Councilor
  • Bruce M. Kahn, Ph.D., Councilor
  • Alice Walker Loehlin, Councilor
  • James H. Loehlin, PhD, Councilor
  • Sonia Loizeaux, Councilor
  • Gwyneth E. Loud, Councilor
  • Carolyn B. Marsh, Councilor
  • John B. Marsh, Councilor
  • William L. Murphy, Councilor
  • Virginia Murray, Councilor
  • John H. Pryor, Councilor
  • Charlotte Russell, Councilor
  • Edward Russell, Councilor
  • Stewart Sanders, Councilor
  • John D. Sharp, Councilor
  • Martha Stearns, Councilor
  • Brooke Stevens, Councilor
  • Thomas Walker, Councilor
  • John S. Whiting, Councilor
  • Marie F. Whiting, Councilor
  • Esther C. Williams, Councilor
  • Johanna A. Harris, Trustee Emeritus
  • Kathleen S. Anderson, Trustee Emeritus
  • Linda E. Leddy, Trustee Emeritus
  • Peter C. Bennett, Life Trustee
  • Richard S. Chute, Life Trustee
  • Mary B. Danner, Life Trustee
  • Eugene B. Doggett, Life Trustee
  • John C. Fuller, Life Trustee
  • Jane Hallowel, Life Trustee
  • John C. Kricher, Ph.D., Life Trustee
  • George B. Mock (deceased), Life Trustee
  • Douglas B. Rhodes, Life Trustee
  • Peter M. Richards, Life Trustee
  • Hanson C. Robbins, Life Trustee
  • Henry F. Sears, M.D., Life Trustee
  • Nancy B. Soulette, Life Trustee
  • D. Reid Weedon, Jr. (deceased), Life Trustee