A gift of appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, is a convenient way to support Manomet Conservation Sciences that often provides substantial tax benefits. Manomet recommends you consult with your accountant or financial advisor to see if a gift of securities is right for you.

Donating appreciated securities is an easy and tax-smart way to support causes important to you. By donating stock directly to a nonprofit, you can avoid capital gains tax and still deduct the full fair-market value of the asset you donated from your income taxes (up to the allowable limit). Talk to your accountant or financial advisor to see if gifting securities makes sense for you.


To Make a Gift

Ask your stockbroker or financial advisor to send your gift to Manomet Conservation Sciences using the following information:

Heidi A. Bastek, SEI Trust Company fbo Rockland Trust Company
Phone: (781) 982-6773
Email: heidi.bastek@rocklandtrust.com

DTC Number: 2663
Manomet Account #: 12013201
Manomet Tax I.D. #:   22-3051362

Please include the following information:

  • Name of stock(s) transferred
  • Number of shares (or approximate value)
  • Approximate date of transfer, and
  • Any special designation of your gift

Once this is done, please let us know! Brokers sometimes send shares without identifying the donor. So, please contact Justin Barrett at 508-224-6521, ext. 237 or jbarrett@manomet.org to let him know of your stock transfer so that we may appropriately credit and acknowledge your generosity.