Sea Run Fisheries Monitoring Coordinator

Anne Zegers

Joining Manomet in April of 2024 as Sea Run Fisheries Monitoring Coordinator, Anne is based in East Machias, Maine. She works with a diverse array of partners including commercial harvesters, NGOs, and state, tribal, and federal agencies to track the abundance of sea-run river herring across the region and monitor the shifting environmental conditions that impact them.

Raised by biologists in the heart of Eastern Maine’s conservation community, Anne rebelled by spending her college years studying Creative Writing (and Geology) at Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa). After graduating in 2016, and a brief stint as a receptionist, Anne returned to her roots, working in Atlantic Salmon conservation, first with river-restoration group Project S.H.A.R.E., then as a field technician for the Maine Department of Marine Resources’ Bureau of Sea Run Fisheries.

Anne is fascinated by the unique ties binding communities to the landscapes they inhabit, especially the woods, rivers, and rocky coasts of Eastern Maine. In her spare time, Anne explores local history as secretary of the Revolutionary War Reenactors of Downeast Maine, and regularly portrays a British Marine – look, someone’s got to do it – wishing that his fine, red coat wasn’t such a compelling target.