For decades, Manomet scientists have tracked birds in remote locations across the Western Hemisphere to count nests, conduct field surveys, and monitor bird movements.

Knowing where birds go throughout their annual lifecycle provides scientists with insights into regions where habitat management and conservation efforts have the most impact on rapidly declining shorebird species.

Now, shorebird tracking technology is soaring to new heights with the use of GPS trackers — tiny tracking devices that birds wear like backpacks — and their ever-evolving design and computing power. Whimbrels, bigger and heavier than many other species of shorebirds, are the perfect “hiker” for these location trackers to hitch a ride on.

Every year, Manomet scientists and partner researchers fit new Whimbrels with GPS trackers to monitor their migratory patterns. Each newly tagged Whimbrel receives a name, like Sachem and Lindsay — but we’re quickly running out of ideas.

This year, we need your help!

Give a gift of any amount to Manomet’s annual fund by May 31, 2023, for the chance to name a future Whimbrel tagged by Manomet scientists. Whether you give a gift of $25, $250, $2,500, or any other amount, your gift entitles you to a name entry.

To submit a name, enter your donation using the form below and enter your submission on the next page. The winning name will be announced on June 15, so be sure to subscribe to Manomet’s newsletter to find out if your submission is picked!


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