Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

Jeanne O’Rourke

Jeanne O’Rourke is a brand marketing, communications, and creative professional with extensive experience in setting vision and strategy in venerable mission-driven Massachusetts nonprofit organizations, including the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and The Trustees of Reservations. She earned her BA in English at Tufts University and has told the stories of countless interesting and impactful individuals and institutions through video, photo, and the written and designed word. Topics have run the gamut from culture and conservation, and included subjects both large (a 42-foot long, 100 million year-old Kronosaurus) and small (bees!)

Throughout her career, she’s been lucky to work with, and learn from, talented colleagues in every professional realm, including scientists, horticulturists, and artists. When she’s not working, she’s reading on the bay side of North Truro, enjoying her family patio, or planning her next travel adventure. Jeanne recently inherited her dad’s treasured binoculars and looks forward to using them (and her professional skills) at Manomet.