Senior Manager, Digital Communications and Marketing

Erin Sheehan

Erin has a 20+ year background in developing, managing, and executing digital and traditional marketing programs in nonprofit, retail, and B2B environments. She earned her B.S. in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Boston University and gained her digital marketing skills in San Francisco during the dot-com boom.

After returning to Massachusetts, she lived and worked in Boston for 15 years before moving to Plymouth, where she enjoys the abundance of nature. In her spare time, she can be found gardening, paddleboarding, walking the beach with her dog, crafting, baking bread, and traveling.

Erin has been active in environmental causes since high school, where she introduced her school’s first recycling program and raised money during the inaugural year of the Walden Woods Project. In San Francisco, she was active in redwood conservation projects and community gardening. Now in Plymouth, she participates in beach clean ups, pollinator projects, and supporting town conservation efforts. She is excited to learn more about ornithology and refresh her Spanish with the help of her Manomet colleagues.