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COVID-19 Update

The coronavirus/COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and we know that this is a very unsettling time. Our main concern is for all of us, especially our partners and friends in our communities, to stay healthy. Manomet’s offices and property are closed to the public at this time.

This pandemic has led many on our staff to reflect even more deeply on our relationship with nature and how the loss of habitat and deforestation is connected to global issues like climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and disease. At Manomet, we are listening to this message from nature and are working every day to change this paradigm.

Our definition of how to sustain our world has always included not just conservation and protection of animals and habitats, but also the idea that livelihoods must be preserved. We hope that this crisis passes soon and that our many partners around the globe can safely return to work.

On behalf of the entire Manomet staff, we wish you and your family health and safety during this time.

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About Manomet

A sustainability nonprofit grounded in science, Manomet is named for the coastal village in New England where our headquarters have been since the Manomet Bird Observatory was founded in 1969. A Native American word, the name Manomet means portage path. We embrace the legacy of this name in our mission by charting pathways to a thriving future.

Our History

Manomet celebrated its 50th anniversary on August 4, 2019. Since Manomet’s beginnings, our science programs have branched out far beyond the Plymouth-based banding operation. With shorebird recovery and habitat management, forestry and climate science, fisheries, and more, Manomet has its foundation in science, but seeks diverse viewpoints from its many partners to work towards solving the problems facing our world today.

Our Approach

Manomet’s approach is based on building relationships of trust to create change.

  • We PARTNER – We identify and seek out partners who are in a strong position to take meaningful action in the sectors of our expertise at Manomet.
  • We LISTEN—Our partners have knowledge that is essential to solving problems, and we learn from each other.
  • We UNDERSTAND—To build trust, we seek to understand the needs and aspirations of our partners and work with them to first define the problem and agree on how we might approach the solution.
  • We APPLY SCIENCE—We then produce, synthesize and simplify science in to practical solutions for our partners to put to use in the systems they manage.
  • We MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN—Working side-by-side with our partners, we help measure their progress and make sure their actions make a measurable difference over the long term.


Our mission

Applying science and engaging people to sustain our world.


For over 50 years, Manomet, Inc. has worked to enhance scientific understanding of natural systems and build relationships and partnerships to improve the management of those systems across the U.S. and the Western Hemisphere. Our work requires that we take a holistic view and have an appreciation of interdependencies, both in the functioning of natural systems and the partnerships necessary to implement solutions. We pledge to explore how we can be a more equitable, inclusive, and just organization, and influence social systems to enable all people to safely participate in and enjoy the natural world.

Elizabeth Schueler - President, Manomet

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