Food System / In the News

Turning Maine’s Invasive Crab Problem Into a Potential Tasty Profit

Danielle Sarmir | August 16, 2018

Don't miss this story on NBC10 about Manomet's work with the invasive green crab!

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Food System / In the News

Warming waters and migrating fish stocks could cause political conflict

Danielle Sarmir | August 8, 2018

Manomet's Marissa McMahan is quoted in this Seafood Source article by Aaron Orloski. "The Gulf of Maine is already experiencing major migrations. Lobster...

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Economic System / Newsletters

Strengthening New England’s fisheries one bite at a time

The Manomet Team | July 31, 2018

To accomplish our goal of creating a more sustainable world, Manomet seeks to get more people to join in—to learn, to care, to...

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Natural System / Newsletters

The 40th Anniversary of Manomet’s Bird-A-Thon

Emily Renaud | July 31, 2018

Manomet held its first Bird-A-Thon during the fall of 1979 to raise funds toward our then-blossoming landbird conservation and intern programs. Now, after...

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Forest System / Newsletters

Can Manomet’s forestry approach work in Asia?

Eric Walberg | July 31, 2018

Climate Services Director Eric Walberg recently traveled to Taiwan at the invitation of the Hima Foundation to discuss the application of the Climate...

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