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First Ever Amazon Shorebird Workshop

The Manomet Team | November 1, 2023

Manomet recently led a team of 15 specialists from 7 partner organizations on a 10-day onsite workshop to observe shorebird use along the...

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Bird Friendly Boaters: Updates from the Georgia Bight

The Manomet Team | October 25, 2023

The Georgia Bight Shorebird Conservation Initiative has been working with the local community to reduce disturbance to shorebirds in remote sites along the...

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Great Marsh Survey

The Manomet Team | October 18, 2023

Shorebird populations have declined by more than half in the last fifty years, due in part to loss of habitat. These long-distance migrants...

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WBUR Public Radio Meets Manomet’s FIsheries Team

The Manomet Team | October 17, 2023

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2023 Bird-A-Thon Results Are In!

The Manomet Team | October 14, 2023

Thank you, Bird-A-Thoners: on Saturday, October 14, so many of you got out and counted birds by sight or sound for the communal...

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