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Food System / In the News

Four Portland-area Hannaford stores are latest remodels in $100 million program

Danielle Sarmir | July 17, 2019

The stores are also certified through the Grocery Stewardship program run by Manomet, an environmental certification program designed to help stores, which are...

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Natural System

A Close-up of Manomet’s Milkweed

The Manomet Team | July 15, 2019

Manomet’s coastal forest, fallow fields, and lush gardens play host to an abundance of living things. In mid-summer, milkweeds and their insect community make...

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Natural System / In the News

Winged victory for shorebirds at Gould’s Inlet

The Manomet Team | July 10, 2019

“That’s a fish crow, flying in there,” said Abby Sterling, shorebird biologist with Manomet. “That’s one of the predators, so that’s one of...

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Natural System

Bank Swallows at Manomet

The Manomet Team | July 8, 2019

At Manomet, no bird species is more synonymous with summer on the bluff than the Bank Swallow (Riparia riparia). Their chattering calls herald...

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Executive / The President's Report

An update from Manomet President John Hagan

The Manomet Team | June 26, 2019

Dear Manomet friends, The bittersweet moment I knew would come someday has arrived. I’ve decided to step down as President of Manomet at...

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