​Evan Dalton

Director, Manomet Observatory


The impacts of climate change are already becoming apparent, and part of our response must be to prepare our children—the next generation of decision makers—to understand and deal with this altered landscape.

Manomet has partnered with curriculum experts at TERC to address this need through Climate Lab, a program through which students learn about and collect data on biological indicators of climate change. Our goal is not only for us to give participating middle-school students and teachers an opportunity to learn from and work with real scientists, but to also compile student data that contribute to a nation-wide citizen science database. Participating schools can expect:

  • Curriculum materials (in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards);
  • Teacher professional development courses held at Manomet HQ or online;
  • Hands-on experiences at the Manomet HQ bird banding laboratory or by Skype for schools unable to travel to Manomet’s campus;
  • Classroom assistance from scientists throughout the school year, including establishing on-site transects. We also work with partner science organizations to engage out-of-state schools;
  • Access to an interactive website which supports data reporting and analysis, discussions and other collaborative exchanges;
  • A linkage between current science research, citizen science participation and the demands of the modern science classroom.

Students engaged in Climate Lab will

  • Gain increased knowledge of local natural systems, including habitats and their associated species;
  • Gain a better understanding of climate change and scientific indicators used to estimate the local impacts of a changing climate;
  • Experience first-hand collection of scientific data and gain a better understanding of how long-term databases are key resources in studying ecological change;
  • Get hands-on use of field equipment;
  • Experience one-on-one interactions with scientists in the field.