Calling all nature lovers and bird enthusiasts: spring is in the air… along with migrating birds! It’s about to be a busy season for our mist nets, strung up throughout the woods of Manomet’s 40-acre headquarters property, that gently catch migrating birds for our bird researchers to record, band, and release. 

Now, you can adopt a mist net to support critical bird and ecology research and help educate the next generation of conservationists. To show our thanks, adopters will receive a special report on the birds (likely 200+ species!) our bird banding team recorded during the spring migration season. 

Manomet’s bird banding lab, one of the first bird observatories established in North America, has maintained a spring and fall migration bird banding program for over 50 years. Since then, Manomet scientists have banded and recorded over 250,000 birds at our lab. 

This trove of research data provides us with the necessary long-term context to understand our changing environment, how these changes are impacting birds and wildlife, and what we can do to prioritize our conservation efforts. With your support, we’ll continue to find answers to environmental challenges and create a sustainable future for birds, other wildlife, and people. 

You can leave a lasting mark in the scientific record. Adopt one of our mist nets, in your name or in someone else’s. There are only 50 mist nets up for adoption, so reserve your net now… or give this as a gift in the name of a fellow bird-lover!

(You can adopt up to three mist nets at a time–when you complete your adoption, please leave a comment to indicate the name(s) of the adoptees you would like to dedicate each net to.)


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