Are you looking for the perfect gift for a nature lover or bird nerd? Look no further! Gift a Manomet mist net symbolic adoption and support migratory bird research! 

Manomet’s bird banding lab, one of the first bird observatories established in North America, has maintained a spring and fall migration bird banding program for over 50 years. Since then, Manomet scientists have banded and recorded over 250,000 birds at our lab. 

Gift a mist net adoption for the 2024 spring (April-June) and fall (August-November) migration seasons (or adopt one for yourself!). Mist net adopters will receive a welcome email shortly after they’ve been gifted a net. Then, they’ll receive exclusive behind-the-scenes updates throughout the banding season(s), and a mailed mist net report about their specific net at the end of the season(s)! This detailed report includes information about their net, fun facts, and what birds their net caught!

If you are gifting a mist net, the welcome email will include who the net was gifted by! Don’t delay, there are only 50 mist nets available. Give this unique gift to a loved one today and support critical bird and ecology research!

You can adopt up to three mist nets at a time–when you complete your adoption, please leave a comment to indicate the name(s) of the adoptees you would like to dedicate each net to.


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