Manomet Observatory is a living laboratory for both science and education, located at our headquarters in Plymouth, MA. It features the Trevor Lloyd-Evans Banding lab, where we have been banding birds during spring and fall migration for more than 50 years. It also includes the Kathleen (Betty) Anderson Nature Trail winding through coastal meadows, forests, and former cranberry bogs, the historic Ernst Garden for Wildlife, and fantastic views from the bluff overlooking Cape Cod Bay.

Click the image below to download the Kathleen (Betty) Anderson Nature Trail Map.

Explore Manomet Observatory

Members of the public are welcome between dawn and dusk to bird watch and to walk the mown paths, gravel road, the lawn area near the Main Office, and the Bluff viewing area. Leashed dogs are welcome on the gravel road and lawn area, but not on the mown paths due to sensitive bird habitat in those areas. Please clean up after your pet.