​Marissa McMahan

Director of Fisheries

Fisheries Overview

Manomet’s goal is to sustain New England’s fishing heritage in a changing Gulf of Maine by restoring fisheries and diversifying opportunities in fishing and aquaculture.

The Gulf of Maine is one of the world’s most productive marine ecosystems—the heart of New England’s fishing heritage for over 400 years. Today, the Gulf is one of the fastest warming bodies of water on the planet, leading to big changes in the marine environment and a changing mix of species that survive and thrive. Manomet is on the doorstep of the Gulf of Maine and the forefront of developing sustainable adaptations to a changing climate.

 Fishing in the Gulf of Maine generates nearly $4 billion each year and provides as many as 100,000 jobs.  We are working with fishers, fishing communities, restaurants, seafood companies, seafood consumers, and many others to find solutions that will sustain fisheries and balance economic, social, and environmental concerns. Adaptation to changing conditions will ensure a resilient marine ecosystem, sustainable fisheries, and a strong coastal economy.

Manomet’s fisheries work focuses on:

  • Diversification – Creating new fishing opportunities for fishers in the Gulf of Maine
  • Restoration – Restoring habitats and food webs to support existing historic fishing opportunities

Central to our work is bringing together people with diverse points of view, skills, and knowledge.  Working together generates the strategies needed to adapt to a new climate reality in the Gulf of Maine.