The Landbird Conservation Team

Alan: Monday, May 11—Census

Within five seconds of stepping on the path along Stage Point, I knew that it was “one of those mornings.” My head began spinning in hyper-speed, trying to keep track of all the birdsong. The walnut tree over my head had half a dozen Northern Parulas in it and Ovenbirds were chanting all around me. As I made slow progress down the path, I filtered through the additional species singing – Blackpoll, Black-and-white, Prairie, Gray Catbird, Baltimore Oriole, Carolina Wren, House Wren, Northern Cardinal, Great Crested Flycatcher, just to name a few. Mid-May is often showtime at Manomet, and today was no exception. In two hours of census, I tallied 76 species. In addition to the overall diversity, several species were present in abundance. Least Flycatchers, Blue-headed Vireos. Make sure to explore the Net Lanes checklist below to listen to recordings of the morning chorus, and look through all three lists to see some photos of the action!


Net Lanes:

Holmes Farm: