Bird observatories are an under-appreciated platform for providing children with an introduction to the natural world. That’s why Manomet and the Jerusalem Bird Observatory (JBO) have begun an exchange about the future and impact of bird observatories as catalysts for effective conservation and experiential science education. By scrolling through the story map (click here to open in a new browser window for a full-screen experience), you can come along with Manomet staff as they head to Israel to meet with and connect with the JBO, one of the most innovative bird observatories in the world in terms of connecting people to nature.

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In late October, staff from the JBO will arrive at Manomet headquarters to continue this exchange. They will watch our fall banders captivate a double class of fourth graders. They’ll see our Climate Lab project in action—a program that together, we plan to bring to Israel. They’ll take in the view from the bluff. And we’ll dive back into sharing knowledge, experience, techniques, and ideas to strengthen the education programs at each of our bird observatories.

Before heading home, the JBO will co-present with Manomet at the International Bird Observatory Conference in Cape May, New Jersey (October 26-30). The presentation will focus on programming innovations at bird observatories on three of the world’s major flyways: Atlantic (Manomet), Rift Valley (Jerusalem Bird Observatory), and Pacific (Point Blue). The programs run by Manomet, the JBO and Point Blue are specially designed for students, the decision-makers of tomorrow. Together our three organizations will share a bold vision of bird observatories as catalysts for effective conservation through experiential science education.