The Manomet Banders

Small rainstorms this week brought slight relief from the drought the Northeast has been experiencing. But the water levels in Scokes Pond are extremely low and Alan Kneidel, Staff Biologist, reported that the “pit,” a retention area towards the front of the Holmes Farm, has finally dried out; this is usually the last area on the property to hold water. This week we banded 52 new birds, processed 67 recaptures, and captured eight new species for the week including Blue Jay, Black-throated Blue Warbler, and Common Grackle. This brings our season total up to 312 new birds banded, 170 recaptures processed, and 39 species total.

Monday, Sarah came back from opening Cranberry Hill with a video of a trio of raccoons that were climbing a tree as she opened! One paused its climb to the top of the tallest pine tree and locked eyes with her for a few moments while the other two continued making their way upwards. Later that day we caught a Mourning Warbler; our third for the season and a hatch-year male. We know it was a hatch-year based on it having a slightly dark ‘bib’ in its throat and breast plumage (photo included in the slider below).