Manomet believes people can help recover declining shorebird populations by applying cutting-edge science to protect and improve the coastal and wetland habitats they rely on.

Shorebirds are showing the most dramatic declines of any group of birds. Species that undertake hemispheric migrations rely on specific habitats and food sources to survive, but these resources are increasingly under threat from human disturbance, habitat loss and degradation, over-harvesting, increasing predation, and climate change.

We engage a diverse coalition of people and organizations across the Americas—including state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, private and public wetland managers, local communities, and landowners—to develop and implement science-based solutions to conserve critical sites and improve the quality and availability of habitats for imperiled shorebirds.

  • Science: We conduct targeted and collaborative field research to understand why shorebird populations are declining and how best to restore them.
  • Site Conservation: We implement targeted conservation strategies to protect the places that are the most critical for shorebird survival throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  • Habitat Management: We use proven and innovative techniques to improve the quality and availability of habitats for shorebirds at the most important sites, focusing our efforts along all four North American flyways.
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