Sustainable Economies


Manomet believes people can build an economy that is in balance with the natural world.


Every day the supply of our world’s natural resources diminishes, while the demand for these resources continues to grow. More and more communities and businesses are recognizing the need to include sustainability in their core strategies to create a thriving future for both themselves and our world. To succeed today, communities and businesses must shift their focus to a triple bottom line approach—they need to achieve economic viability while balancing social needs and environmental impacts.




We advise communities and businesses on practices that enhance their economic viability and human well-being while measurably reducing their environmental footprint. We work to establish practices that have lasting impacts on businesses and their local communities.  ​




  • Industry Specific Platforms: we engage people to develop customized sustainability practices that improve businesses’ triple bottom line


  • Placed-based Projects: we work with communities to achieve local and lasting economic growth by incorporating the social and environmental needs of the area.

Current Projects