Emily Renaud

Communications Coordinator

What is the role that business plays in creating a better future for our planet? Manomet—and many of you, a number that grows when you consider the Millennial or younger demographic—believe that business plays a critical role; if the business sector isn’t on board to solve the complex problems facing our world today, our work to recover shorebirds, prepare forests for climate change, study the impacts of climate change on migratory birds, create healthy and resilient fisheries, and more will be much harder.

The benefits for businesses implementing sustainability practices are many. One of the potential benefits that we’ve seen through our work with college students in our U360 program and researching what Millennials and Gen Z’s find valuable in a work environment is that companies with strong sustainability practices are far more attractive as possible workplaces for potential employees.

According to members of the “Climate Change Generation” (people 38 and under), unless their prospective employers make an effort to improve their practices and put sustainability first, companies that don’t prioritize environmental health that are also looking to hire Millennials and Gen Z’s might be out of luck.