The Landbird Conservation Team


A cool morning with overcast skies led to a few singing migrants lingering about the property. Census began with a singing Mourning Warbler and concluded with a singing Acadian Flycatcher; the sneezing call of which is an uncommon occurrence on the property. Most understory wildflowers are fading into the lush green vegetation of the summer. A white-footed mouse had taken up shelter under one of our new coverboards and we had our first Gray Tree Frog taking up residence in one of our sampling tubes! Hopefully the first of many. During the farm survey, the sun came out and revealed a beautiful mackerel sky. The blue-eyed irises are showing in the bogs and hordes of grackles are feeding on invertebrates in the lowered water levels of the Bennet Bog. Sea ducks have mostly been replaced by copious lobster pots and the howls of gray seals have supplanted the usual snarls of harbor seals.

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