The Landbird Conservation Team

Alan: Tuesday, April 28—Census

A Nor’easter stationed southeast of Cape Cod continued to deliver rain and strong north winds to Manomet on Monday. By Tuesday morning when I arrived, the wind had lessened somewhat and shifted to the northwest, with temperatures around 40 and occasional bands of drizzle. Unsurprisingly, the net lanes and farm were pretty quiet bird-wise. Still, there were a few signs of spring. I watched as a pair of Pine Warblers were tailed by a female Brown-headed Cowbird, and a House Wren gave its ebullient chatter from along the farm’s stone wall. The highlight of the day came during the seawatch, as the roiling sea was filled with birds. Laughing Gulls and Northern Gannets were flying into the wind, while a large raft of merganser (173!), scoter, and eider rode the giant waves. And, typical of late April, I spotted good numbers of staging Common Loon and both grebe species.

Net Lanes:

Holmes Farm: