The Landbird Conservation Team


High humidity and a cool seabreeze made for a very foggy morning at Manomet. The soft purple blooms of wild geraniums have given way to the fluorescent fuchsia Deptford Pinks. Summer had truly arrived and the netlanes were mostly silent. While watching a female Yellow Warbler darting about in a lichen-covered tree, gathering food for her nestlings I couldn’t help but think that the tropical weather of her winter home had caught up with her. On the farm, recently fledged Baltimore Orioles begged for food, Green Frogs plunked away in the dwindling water of the big bog. Our patches of Common Milkweed have begun blooming and I spotted an early Monarch Butterfly searching amongst them for a place to lay her eggs. Visibility from the bluff was limited by the fog. Regardless, the howling of the Gray Seals was enough to make the neighborhood resonate like a haunted house.

Net Lanes: