Shiloh Schulte

Senior Shorebird Scientist

Lindsay the Whimbrel is on the move again! Lindsay is one of six Whimbrels tagged earlier this summer in the Katakturuk River Valley in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These tags allow us to study local movement patterns and long-distance migration pathways and stopover sites.

After making the 3-day crossing from Alaska to California, Lindsay stopped in San Francisco Bay for a week to rest and refuel. Then, on the evening of August 2nd, she took off heading south again along the coast. She stopped briefly in San Diego harbor after flying for about 12 hours, then headed out again on the evening of August 3rd, crossing into Mexico and arriving a few hours later on the expansive mudflats of the Delta del Rio Colorado at the head of the Golfo de California. This area is another very important site for shorebirds and is a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site of hemispheric importance, as well as a Ramsar site and recognized by Mexico as a priority wetland for shorebirds.