Lisa Schibley


On August 30, ISS Brazil volunteers gathered virtually to take part in the eagerly awaited first ISS Network Meeting, a significant moment for the Brazil’s shorebird conservation journey. The event, promoted by SAVE Brasil’s Shorebirds Program, was primarily a celebration of this important network that has become increasingly vital for the protection of resident and migratory shorebirds as it has expanded through the years.

Bringing together volunteers from all over Brazil, the meeting was a great opportunity for participants to get to know each other and share experiences. With enriching dialogues and valuable exchanges of knowledge, the meeting was also marked by moments of recognition, presentation of results, and collective construction.

For volunteer Iza Alencar, who does ISS in the city of Palmas in Tocantins, just as important as bringing the volunteers closer together was the opportunity to talk to the SAVE Brasil Shorebirds Program team. “It was a time to ask questions, help each other and share experiences, as well as learn more about the situation of our beloved shorebirds and the results of the monitoring,” she said.

A volunteer since 2022, Iza comments on the importance of sharing her love of monitoring with other volunteers. “I can’t wait to take part in new meetings and even suggest the possibility of holding face-to-face events in different regions of Brazil, allowing us to create stronger bonds, learn and experience the observation and monitoring of these birds together,” she said.

For biologist and ISS Brazil coordinator Juliana Vitório, the dialog and collective construction with the volunteers is another step towards strengthening the ISS network. “Based on the enthusiasm and dedication we’ve seen, we’re sure that ISS will achieve even better results and that together, we can protect them and ensure the conservation and survival of these winged beings that unite the world!” said Juliana.

Our special thanks to all the people who were with us and made this meeting unique – you all are awesome!

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