Erin Sheehan

Erin Sheehan

Erin has a 20+ year background in developing, managing, and executing digital and traditional marketing programs in nonprofit, retail, and B2B environments. She earned her B.S. in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Boston University and gained her digital marketing skills in San Francisco during the dot-com boom.

After returning to Massachusetts, she lived and worked in Boston for 15 years before moving to Plymouth, where she enjoys the abundance of nature. In her spare time, she can be found gardening, paddleboarding, walking the beach with her dog, crafting, baking bread, and traveling.

Erin has been active in environmental causes since high school, where she introduced her school’s first recycling program and raised money during the inaugural year of the Walden Woods Project. In San Francisco, she was active in redwood conservation projects and community gardening. Now in Plymouth, she participates in beach clean ups, pollinator projects, and supporting town conservation efforts. She is excited to learn more about ornithology and refresh her Spanish with the help of her Manomet colleagues.

Andrea Ferreira

Andrea is Paraguayan and resides in the capital. She has a special connection with the natural areas of her country and South America. She joins the team as a Digital Content Specialist to contribute to the design and implementation of the content strategy of the WHSRN Executive Office and is responsible for preparing communication materials for various media channels.

Andrea holds a degree in Environmental Sciences and has a Master’s in Media Psychology and Technology from the University of Salford Manchester (United Kingdom), complemented by extensive training in photography and digital communication. Recently, she was a part of the World Land Trust (WLT) as a Social Media Officer. As the sole Latin American and a former staff member of an affiliate organization, Andrea played a crucial role in connecting with local partners. In her capacity as a visual artist, she participated in special missions in Colombia and Paraguay to document conservation projects. Additionally, Andrea is a photography instructor and has contributed to the editing and publication of nature identification guides and photographic books.

Her journey in bird conservation began in 2008 at Guyra Paraguay, where she played various roles over the course of 10 years. She participated in several Neotropical Waterbird Censuses in Paraguay, served as the editor of the digital magazine, and worked in biological monitoring projects and environmental education in rural and indigenous communities. In 2013, she was selected by Ducks Unlimited Mexico for the Biodiversity Management and Conservation Diploma. She also worked for WWF Paraguay as a Communications Officer, leading national campaigns on reforestation in the Atlantic Forest, protection of water resources, and the fight against deforestation. As a multidisciplinary professional, Andrea aims to enhance conservation programs through evidence-based digital communication.

Lily Green

Lily Green has recently joined Manomet as a Science Educator and will be working with the team in our educational programming and outreach, including our ongoing work with Brockton High’s Envirothon Team and the Green Team. As an alumnus of Brockton High School, she brings her experience working in both of those groups during her own high school tenure!

Lily earned her B.S. in Chemistry at UMass Lowell in May, 2020, and a M.S. in Environmental Sciences from UMass Boston in December, 2022. Her master’s thesis revolved around creating workshops with two underserved coastal communities in Massachusetts to identify their major environmental priorities, and how both their cultural values and relationships to their land shaped those priorities.

Outside of work, Lily enjoys figure skating, country line dancing, and reading. She’s excited to be outside teaching environmental-related lessons and learning about the land surrounding Manomet’s HQ.

Lisa Maciejowski

Lisa Maciejowski has joined our Development Department as Development Assistant. An entrepreneurial fundraiser, she has created educational Donor Roundtables, launched Women’s Leadership Giving initiatives, and designed Foundation Trustee luncheons. As a former Senior Gift Officer, Lisa raised critical resources for human service organizations, museums, educational institutions, and ocean-related causes.

She earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts/Management from Providence College and a Master’s degree in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University. Her prior long-term career was in Property Casualty Insurance. Now semi- retired, Lisa enjoys oil painting, walking the beaches and bogs of Plymouth, traveling in the U.S. and Europe, fiber arts, whales and great white sharks, plus she frequently visits her son in Brooklyn, NY.  Hailing from a family of bird watchers, her favorites are ducks, the Snowy Owl, and Rose Breasted Grosbeak.  Lisa is thrilled to join Manomet and be part of a team that makes a global impact.

Jeisson Zamudio

Jeisson joined Manomet’s Flyway Program in October 2023 as the Pacific South America Coordinator with the goal of supporting the implementation of the Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy in Chile, Perú, Ecuador, and Colombia by building effective partnerships with local stakeholders and identifying linkages with national shorebird conservation plans in these countries.

Jeisson is a Colombian biologist from the Universidad del Valle who worked for more than 15 years with Asociación Calidris on various projects with shorebirds, seabirds, and endangered bird species in the Andes. During this time, he gained experience working with a wide range of stakeholders including communities, NGOs, governments, and the private sector. He has written conservation plans for threatened species and is the author of the Seabird Baseline Management Plan for Gorgona National Natural Park. He also led the design of a carbon-based project to support the implementation of conservation plans in the Andes.

Why Manomet?

I believe I can help support Manomet’s deep work: In science – to make well-informed, data-driven decisions; Towards mitigating climate change – because I believe it is the most significant threat to biodiversity; And in support of its DEIJ goals – because I believe in the value of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in order to achieve lasting impacts in conservation and community well-being.