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For over 50 years, Manomet has partnered with local communities, businesses, educators, state and national policymakers, farmers, and fishers to help nature and people thrive. Together, we work locally for global impact by making science available for stakeholders.

Donors like you are an integral part of our work to increase shorebird habitat, build resilient coastal communities, and inspire the next generation of conservationists. Everything we do is made possible by your support.

You help us manage working lands with shrimp farmers in Mexico and the Gulf Coast to produce bountiful harvests while also providing shorebirds with suitable habitat to rest and feed.

You help us identify opportunities for ranchers across the Americas to implement practices that boost beef production and bolster shorebird conservation efforts.

You help us create more resilient fisheries in the rapidly warming Gulf of Maine by restoring oyster reefs, mapping shifts in intertidal zones, and studying changing species dynamics.

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