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We can all play a role in building sustainable fisheries, just by the fish we eat. Learn how to make a difference with us on July 26.

John Hagan - President, Manomet

The Gulf of Maine extends from Cape Cod to the Bay of Fundy.  It is one of the most productive marine ecosystems on earth.

But the Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99% of the world’s oceans.  Some fish species, like northern shrimp, are moving out, and other potentially valuable species, such as black sea bass and dogfish, are moving in.  Fishing is fundamental to the New England culture.  To sustain this heritage, fishermen, scientists, and even fish consumers will need to adapt to the changing system.

So, join us on Boston’s Fish Pier for a special evening of tasting and learning.  Meet and talk with fishermen, scientists, chefs, and others who are on the front lines of adapting to the changing ocean.  You’ll also have the chance to contribute to science yourself by participating in a seafood tasting study.

This event is hosted by Manomet, a non-profit science organization working with fishermen to develop new fisheries in the Gulf of Maine.  Our special guest for the evening will be Jared Auerbach from Red’s Best, a pioneer in marketing the new species now abundant in the Gulf of Maine.

Tickets are just $150 ($75 of the ticket price is tax-deductible) and include an oyster bar reception, seafood tastings, desserts, beer, wine and spirits and more. Free parking on site is available. Plus, all proceeds support Manomet’s fisheries science work.

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