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Climate change is the most complex, far-reaching, and dangerous global challenge we have ever faced, and its impacts will span centuries. Today’s current college students and recent graduates have never known a world where climate change was not a pressing issue. Given the uncertainty about how this crisis is unfolding, it’s no wonder that today’s younger generations are extremely worried about global warming. How do those who have lived their entire lives under the threat of climate change view this crisis? What values motivate and inspire this generation as they look to their future? And, what actions do those who will be most impacted by climate change want to see from businesses, government, and individuals?

Join Manomet as we talk with members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations (all of whom are current members or alumni of Manomet’s U360 small business sustainability intern program representing diverse backgrounds) and hear their perspectives on the global crisis that will define their lifetime. Manomet President Lizzie Schueler will moderate the discussion.