Marissa McMahan

Fisheries Division Director

Fishing in the Gulf of Maine generates nearly $4 billion each year and provides as many as 100,000 jobs. This economy is threatened if we don’t understand how to adapt to the changes in species brought on by the warming Gulf of Maine.

Manomet fisheries scientists Marissa McMahan and Anne Hayden will represent Manomet at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum in Rockport, Maine, from March 5-7. This annual event is the largest gathering of fishermen, scientists, and policymakers in New England and a great place to showcase our work to sustain fish and fishing livelihoods in a changing Gulf of Maine.

Manomet believes solving today’s complex global issues like adapting to the warming Gulf of Maine requires bringing together people with diverse points of view, skills, and knowledge. Participating in events like the Maine Fishermen’s Forum is one of those places where we can get together with the industry. We are working with fishermen, fishing communities, restaurants, seafood companies, seafood consumers, and many others to find solutions enabling more sustainable fisheries that balance economic, social, and environmental concerns. We need to all work together to adjust to a new climate reality in the Gulf of Maine.

Manomet’s goal is to sustain fish and fishing livelihoods in a changing Gulf of Maine by strengthening existing fisheries and creating new opportunities in fishing and aquaculture.