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Join U360 Director Lora Babb and several U360 program alumni to learn all about the benefits of participating in Manomet’s U360 Business Sustainability Internship Program!

We’re currently accepting applications for next year’s U360 class, and this event is for any undergraduate students (or faculty/staff) at east coast colleges who are interested in learning more about this opportunity. Join us on Wednesday, April 28, to hear from past U360 interns from all different majors (business, economics, liberal arts, environmental science, etc.) about their experience in the program and how U360 prepared them for their careers after college.

U360 is an experiential education and professional development program focused on business sustainability offered by Manomet. The U360 internship is designed to train the next generation of changemakers by helping college students gain the professional, technical, and interpersonal skills needed to make a difference in the world through their future careers.

U360 increases students’ knowledge of environmental issues; the “triple-bottom line” of business sustainability (environmental, social, and governance); and business management—and their critical thinking and problem-solving skills—through real-world applications. The two-semester program incorporates applied science, business, and sustainability workshops, career skills training, sustainability assessments of small businesses, and a Capstone project.

U360 complements academic programs by offering real-world experience in three vital areas that are critical to both effective change-making and career preparation: applied knowledge of practical sustainability, how to engage people with different viewpoints, and professional skills. (Specifically, the U360 curriculum focuses on helping students develop the soft skills that employers most seek: communication, professionalism, teamwork, creative problem-solving, and strategic thinking.) U360 empowers college students to take action on the environmental, social, and economic challenges that will disproportionately impact their generation, and gives them skills and knowledge they can bring to any job or industry.

Additionally, with an extensive focus on career preparedness, U360 gives students a unique professional experience that differentiates them from their peers when entering the workforce and helps them gain exceptional communication skills, confidence, a professional network, and a vast understanding of small business operations.