Over the past 50 years, Manomet has worked steadily to address some of the most important threats facing us, and we have had many successes. Our work has made significant advances in many fields, from bird and forest conservation to climate change remediation to habitat restoration.


  182,076  rescued horseshoe crabs across 1,670 volunteer hours in 2020.


  5,000 new acres enrolled in the Climate Smart Land Network


1250 dairy farms have completed the first module of the Vital Capital Index.


By 2021, we anticipate that 1.5 million acres of farmland will undergo assessment for sustainable practices.



422 bird species were recorded by volunteer birders during our fall 2020 fund-raising Bird-A-Thon to support landbird conservation.


14 timber companies with land in 28 states and six Canadian provinces are managing their forests to respond to the effects of climate change.


We are building long-term ecological monitoring programs in the Gulf of Maine and working with local communities to explore strategies for adapting to the dynamics of a warming ocean.


740,000 acres of dairy farms are being routinely assessed for sustainability practices through the Vital Capital Index program.



Habitats for Shorebirds

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