Empowering the next generation

For more than five decades, Manomet has served as a research and education resource for local, national, and international students. We see the opportunity to influence a broad array of individuals on the value of the natural world through outreach in Southeast Massachusetts, extending nationally and internationally through virtual programming and on-the-ground education.

We believe that education is one of the best tools to create long-term change. Our hope is that our expertise will inspire the next generation of conservationists, especially as we begin to feel the effects of climate change.

There are many opportunities to learn from nature, and we see science and education as part of all the work that we do. Our Plymouth Massachusetts campus is a learning observatory for youth and the community. Access to nature is not universal, and we want to provide opportunities for all to access.



As one of the first bird observatories in North America, we have maintained a spring and fall migration banding program for more than 50 years. Manomet staff has recorded over 1,000 plant, animal, and fungus species on site, showing the value of its coastal forest and significant shoreline as a rich laboratory for research. We are building on our bird banding and data collection by using the entire 40-acre property for research and observation.

We are also working to expand our educational offerings with new research focused on reptile and amphibian response to wetland restoration, nest box monitoring, and regular surveys of flora and fauna. In 2021, we will be launching an interpretive nature trail on our Plymouth, MA, property that will be open to the public.



Our work on education extends far beyond Manomet’s property and we strive to promote access for people of all ages regardless of where they live and learn… from visiting a classroom to offering a year-long immersive educational experience in a virtual space, and everything in between.

Our U360 College Internship program is a virtual experiential education and professional development program for college students to learn soft skills, environmental science, and sustainability concepts and apply them in the real world through direct engagement with small businesses. We believe that giving both young adults and small business owners strategies for reducing environmental impact can lead to lifelong stewardship that can advance Manomet’s conservation goals. With our current class of students, Manomet has significantly diversified U360. We see an opportunity to offer this educational experience to broader audiences through new strategic partnerships with universities and educational nonprofits.

We are also expanding our youth outreach through our involvement with the Massachusetts Young Birders Club and building partnerships in Southeast Massachusetts. Opportunities for youth to experience nature with their peers are limited. By growing the Massachusetts Young Birders Club, Manomet will provide a safe and inclusive space for young bird enthusiasts to enjoy nature with their peers. Through partnerships with local schools and NGOs, we are working to bring science and environmental education to underserved communities.