Why does a science organization lead with relationships?

Humans have the knowledge—the science—to solve some of the most complex challenges of the 21st century.  But we’re not using what we know.  We live in a polarized “post-truth” era.  Our biggest challenges are relational, not technical.

As a science organization, we know facts do matter.  Ignoring facts is expensive—economically, socially, and environmentally.  Sustaining the systems that support us depend on facts, knowledge, and science.

The good news is, people will use science to create a more sustainable world if we first build a relationship of trust with them.

When we build a relationship of trust we overcome the differences that divide us.  Once trust is established, Manomet and our partners focus on putting science to use—on creating a measurably more sustainable world.

By design, Manomet works with people in a strong position to sustain major systems that support life—fishermen, timberland owners, institutional investors, retailers, natural resource managers, small business owners, and many more.

In all cases, we lead with the relationship and follow with the science.  This is how we’re returning to a fact-based world and making the world measurably more sustainable.

We're working to creating a more sustainable world.

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