37th Annual Bird-a-Thon!

…37th Annual Bird-a-Thon!



We are still finalizing our list of species seen this year, but preliminary results show a total of more than 200 species and $9,200 raised! Click here to read our very own Evan Dalton’s Bird-a-Thon story and see his species list. A final overall species list, and a species list by team, will be emailed out on Tuesday, October 6th.


That means there’s still time to make a final donation!


This Whip-poor-will was captured at the Banding Lab during Bird-a-Thon.

Who knew Nightjars migrate during the day? This is an example of a fact learned through migration banding!



We simply cannot thank our donors and birders enough. You make it all possible and we are so proud to have supporters like you!


Because of supporters like you, our Banding Lab’s legacy and long-running dataset continues on:

·       Providing empirical evidence of climate change

·       Monitoring changes in migrant bird populations over time

·       Connecting people to nature by providing a unique opportunity to experience avian biology firsthand 



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For more information on the 2015 Bird-a-Thon, please contact:


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