The Landbird Conservation Team


Tuesday morning was overcast and cool, the type of weather that would induce migrants to sing into late morning. Instead, the net lanes were mostly silent, save for the occasional songs of resident birds on territory. Birds are indeed settling-in on the property; I found Gray Catbirds, American Robins, and Downy Woodpeckers all attending to their nests. As I worked my way along the bluff, I came face to face with one of our Common Snapping Turtles, contemplating a dive off the bluff. Last year we encountered two such turtles wandering along the rocky coast. It seems that the soft sands under the bluff edge exposed by spring rains are a draw for local nesting turtles. The only problem is that neither they nor their tiny progeny can climb back up over the bluff edge. I was able to move this turtle to a more favorable location. Hopefully, she’ll rethink her choices! On the farm, the milkweed is starting to form blossoms in anticipation of their summer pollinators. I encountered an odd song and was able to track down a late singing Magnolia Warbler. By mid-June, most Magnolia Warblers are on territory, but this young male was a bit of a straggler. Hopefully, he makes his way north soon.

Net Lanes: