The Landbird Conservation Team


Monday morning was overcast with light mist on the drive in. With a spring stunted by cold weather and significant headwinds, migrant birds have been waiting for favorable conditions for quite some time. Three days of warm, southerly breezes and evening rain led to some truly epic birding conditions over the weekend. Monday was a continuation, with the thickets and forests teeming with birdsong and silently migrating females. The 18 species of warbler about the property shed some light on just how bottled up migration has been this year; two male Yellow-rumped Warblers shared the canopy with Wilson’s Warblers (These early and late-season species represent the extreme ends of the migratory season). Suffice it to say, the surveys were a fun exercise in birding by ear and picking out backlit dots in trees – this is what birders dream of in mid-winter!

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