There are approximately six million small businesses in the US representing 99% of all employer firms and 55% of all jobs, according to the Small Business Administration.   Every day more and more businesses, employees and customers are asking if they are part of the problem or part of the solution to help our world thrive and prosper today and tomorrow.  


This spring, Manomet’s Sustainable Economies Program will help find the answer to that question—with the launch of the Root360° website.   The site offers businesses a platform that will guide them in transforming their operations from the bottom up. 


This interactive web portal is a gateway for businesses to not only benchmark, but improve their sustainable business practices. This program provides ways to accommodate the time constraints most business leaders face.


Participants can choose from a variety of options, sequencing and commitment levels.  Program leaders foresee significant reductions in the environmental footprint and increased economic viability of participating businesses—as well as  an improved quality of experience for the workers, customers and communities that are touched by these businesses.


This platform includes a benchmarking tool for comparative analysis and an interactive Sustainability SWOT Analysis (My SWOT 360) to help businesses evaluate options and make strategic decisions.  Impact calculators are tied to best management practices and show savings—both in cost and resources like greenhouse gas emissions, gallons of water, and tons of waste.



A resource library and the ability to connect with a network of business advisors through local Small Business Development Centers or Chambers of Commerce are also being built into the tool’s menu of offerings.


One of the most interesting elements of Root360° is its Community Centric & Peer Group Sustainability platform.  Through this unique feature, it is easy to coordinate a sustainability initiative across a community, region or industry group. Connecting with other businesses and learning from each other—an excellent way to increase sustainability efforts and lower costs.


No one organization, company, small business or individual can save our world by itself.  However, when we come together—creating sustainable solutions–we can. 


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