Marissa McMahan

Fisheries Division Director

For nearly a decade, Anne Hayden’s work at Manomet has focused on restoring marine habitats and rebuilding sustainable fisheries. Throughout her career, Anne’s work has focused on planning and management for Maine’s watersheds, building engaging and inspiring educational programs and courses, restoring marine habitats, and rebuilding sustainable fisheries. Through social and natural science, she has worked to understand the dynamics of the marine ecosystem and align economic incentives with environmental stewardship. In addition, she has worked to restore sustainable and resilient fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and strengthen adaptive co-management to promote healthy marine ecosystems and thriving coastal communities.

Anne Hayden
Anne Hayden

At the end of June 2021, Anne will be retiring from Manomet, leaving behind a long list of accomplishments and successes. She plans to stay actively involved in fisheries management through her roles as an adjunct lecturer in Environmental Studies at Bowdoin College, a trustee at the Davis Conservation Foundation, and a member of the Maine State Board of the Conservation Law Foundation.

“I am grateful to Manomet, in general, and Marissa McMahan, in particular, for the opportunity to pursue my passion for building sustainable fisheries and resilient coastal communities,” Anne shares. “Where else could I have a conversation with a fisherman about concerns for the future of his fishery, develop a sampling protocol for a state of the art research project, draft a statement on Manomet’s support for Maine’s Native American tribes, and supervise undergraduate interns investigating shellfish markets – all in the same week?  I’m going to miss the camaraderie of my colleagues from across the organization – and look forward to watching as Manomet’s influence and impact grow.”

It is hard to quantify Anne’s impact on Maine’s people and ecosystems. Still, Natalie Springuel, Maine Sea Grant liaison to the Coastal Community Development Program of the National Sea Grant Network, says that she thought when she first met Anne that “I wanted to be like this woman in my work! Smart, factual, straightforward, compassionate, accomplished, and perhaps most importantly, trusted by lots of very diverse people. I got that all in the first 5 minutes of meeting her, more than 20 years ago.”