The Sustainable Economies Program at Manomet is dedicated to creating a balanced relationship between our modern economy and the natural world. The goal of Root360 is to engage small and medium sized businesses as a sustainability partner to help them improve performance across the ESG (environmental, social and governance) spectrum. There are approximately six million small businesses in the US representing 99% of all employer firms and 55% of all jobs. Root360 represents a high impact investment with the potential to transform small business operations from the bottom up leading to significant reductions in environmental footprint, increased economic viability and improved quality of experience for the workers, customers and communities that are touched by these businesses.


The team brings the skills and expertise needed for success. Manomet has a long history of developing science‐based scorecards and other sustainability related tools that businesses have used successfully to reduce environmental impacts. Manomet’s work in this area has covered a range of sectors including forestry, recreation, agriculture, and grocery.


Program Details:

Root360 is a gateway for businesses to benchmark and improve their sustainable business practices.  The Root360 web portal includes a benchmarking tool, impact calculators, a resource library and the ability to connect with business counselors (SBDC) or consultants for deeper levels of engagement. All users will have access to a dynamic dashboard that shows their performance relative to peer groups and records progress over time as best management practices are incorporated into their operations.


Unique features set Root360° apart:

  • My Root360: All participants get a customized Sustainability SWOT Analysis to help them evaluate options and make strategic decisions on their own or with the help of a counselor.
  • Flexible Design: To accommodate the time constraints that most business leaders face, the program allows participants to choose from a variety of options, sequencing and levels of intensity for easy engagement.
  • Impact Calculators: Calculators are tied to Best Management Practices and show savings both in cost savings and resources (i.e. Greenhouse gases emissions, Gallons of Water, Tons of Waste).
  • Community Centric Sustainability: The Root360 Platform makes it easy to coordinate a sustainability initiative across a community, region or industry group.


Access the Root360 Platform here.


Contact Lora Winslow for information about the Root360 Platform.