Lora Babb


Worried about where the next generation of conservationists will come from? Here’s a bright spot of hope: Manomet’s U360 Class of 2024 (and the classes of alumni who came before them) are being trained to help take on the complex challenges of climate change by collaborative problem-solving, data gathering and analysis, and much more.

Hard at work these days, the 18 students, who hail from universities and colleges from Massachusetts to California, are busy in the second phase of their curriculum. They’ve been researching small businesses and creating a list of companies they’ll contact in January to request interviews to discuss their current sustainability practices.

The students are also working closely with me, Director of the U360 Internship program, and our team of awesome volunteer Alumni Mentors, to hone the skills they learned in professional training sessions earlier this year, in addition to attending guest educator workshops where they learn from Manomet staff and other professionals about different aspects of climate change, sustainability, and conservation (which will continue all year). Recent sessions included brainstorming how to create markets for new species with our Fisheries team and learning more about our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice work from Manomet’s DEIJ Director Sudeshna Chatterjee.