​Lora Babb

​Director, U360


We believe that education is one of the best tools to create long-term change. Our hope is that our expertise will inspire the next generation of conservationists, especially as we begin to feel the effects of climate change.

The U360 Business Sustainability Internship is a virtual experiential education and professional development program for college students. It teaches soft skills, environmental science, and sustainability concepts and how to apply them in the real world through direct engagement with small businesses.

The benefits of U360

Solving today’s complex global issues in a way that balances economic, social, and environmental concerns requires engaging people with diverse viewpoints, skills, and knowledge. And everyone needs to participate—especially those whose futures will be most affected.

In particular, the climate crisis will disproportionately impact Millennials and Gen Z. Yet, they have little or no power to make decisions and create solutions today that will most affect their futures. Manomet’s U360 internship gives today’s youngest adults practical sustainability knowledge coupled with professional and interpersonal skills. Through this year-long program, students gain agency over their futures and become active and effective change-makers.

These things cannot be learned in the classroom alone.

U360 is on hiatus for the 2024-2025 school year. Check back for updates!