Danielle Smaha

Director, Marketing and Communications

As Manomet enters its 50th year, we are focused on how to inspire more people to join us in sustaining our world. It’s not an easy task, but no one is better suited to lead our efforts than our new Board Chair, Nancy E. Dempze.

Her current role as a partner at Boston’s Hemenway and Barnes, experience as an oncology nurse, leadership in land conservation, and service on nonprofit boards has prepared her to help Manomet put science to use.

How did you first become involved with Manomet?

I served on the planned giving committee at the Museum of Science with long-time Manomet Trustee Reid Weedon. Reid asked if I would be interested in helping Manomet with its development efforts. After meeting with [Manomet President] John Hagan and learning more about Manomet’s science-based solutions, I was hooked!

Can you tell us what inspires you about Manomet?

On the granular level, I’m inspired every day by John’s leadership and the people who work for Manomet. All it takes is a few hours with program staff learning about their projects, whether it’s protecting shorebird habitat, teaching grocery stores how to reduce their carbon footprint, or listening to U360 interns; it’s all incredibly inspiring! Manomet’s scientists are taking on tough problems head-on and coming up with good, practical solutions.