Tickets: $150

Email Justin Barrett for more info

Meet the unexpected and unsung heroes
creating a world where we can all thrive

For 50 years, Manomet has been working to build a more sustainable world—for birds, for people, and for our planet. We believe that the for-profit sector is the key to this more sustainable world. It’s big, it moves fast, and it’s filled with people and organizations who are committed to solving the sustainability challenges facing us today.

Spend an evening with Manomet and its insightful for-profit partners enjoying delicious sustainable food and drinks. You will see progress all around you, in stories that never make the daily news. You will come away with a renewed sense of hope for all of our futures.

So, let’s celebrate!

  • Join in a fun night celebrating our for-profit partners and their impact
  • Come together with people who share your interest in making the
    world a better place
  • Be a part of something good, something hopeful, something lasting;
    we need everyone to create a more sustainable world!

Event proceeds will go to support Manomet’s work leveraging the power of the for-profit sector for good.

If you want some good news for a change, join us at the end of the Boston Fish Pier on September 26!  Celebrate with us and enjoy some of the best-tasting sustainably sourced food from New England’s land and sea. Most importantly, join us to play your part in creating a sustainable future.