On 2 February, people from across the world celebrated World Wetlands Day, a day honoring the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, one of the most significant global intergovernmental environmental agreements active today.


Beyond their many direct benefits to people, wetlands rival all other natural systems for supporting high biological diversity.  As a reflection of wetland richness, shorebirds rely on the abundance of invertebrate food resources provided by wetlands at all stages of their global journeys.


Wetlands are at the heart of our Shorebird Recovery Program efforts. Through our Habitats for Shorebirds Project we are working with partners across North America over the next four years to improve habitat conditions for shorebirds on 500,000 acres of managed wetlands.  Also, through the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network’s (WHSRN) Executive Office, Manomet provides assistance to the 36 Ramsar designated wetlands that are critically important to shorebirds and part of the WHSRN network.   


Manomet celebrated World Wetlands day by raising awareness about the value of wetlands through sharing Whimbrel Postel’s 1,000 day journey, honoring WHSRN’s Ramsar sites, and connecting people to their local wetlands across the hemisphere.


Learn more about our Shorebird Recovery Program and how you can support its efforts here.