To meet food demands by 2050, the world must double production while significantly reducing environmental impacts and resource use. With the support of donors like you, Manomet is working on the parts of the food system that use the most resources—grocery stores, agriculture, and fisheries—to create a more sustainable food system.

Through our Grocery Stewardship Certification, we are enrolling grocery store managers in the nation’s leading grocery sustainability program to reduce energy use, water use, and food waste.


Through our Vital Capital Index, we are deploying a method to dairy farmers to measure and manage the sustainability of their farms.


Through our Downeast Fisheries Partnership, we are working with fishermen and coordinating community leaders to restore one of the world’s greatest and most productive ecosystems in Downeast Maine.


And through our Agricultural Investment Sustainability Metrics, we are working with institutional investors—specifically, Hancock Agriculture Investment Group (HAIG), one of the largest institutional agriculture investors in U.S. farmland—to measure and manage farmland for environmental sustainability across the U.S.


John Hagan, Manomet’s President, recently had the opportunity to ask a very important question to Dan Christensen. He’s the former CEO and now Board Chairman of Hancock Natural Resources Group. Mr. Hagan asked him why they are spending money to build a sustainability framework when institutional investors are tasked with the goal of making money. His answer is in our latest magazine, Partnerships for Sustainability, and the article “Profiting with a Purpose.


This work is happening now because of you and people like you. Because of your support, we aren’t waiting for the “tipping point” or for legislation to pass—we’re on the ground now, working directly with the people who manage these critical systems that support life on earth.


With you, we can build a more sustainable food system with reduced environmental impacts and restored fisheries. But we need you to help Manomet reach its Annual Fund goal before the end of the fiscal year—September 30.


A donation to Manomet’s Annual Fund supports all our work within four life-supporting systems: Natural, Forest, Food, and Economic, making it possible for the people who run these systems to change them. How we manage the critical systems that support life on earth will need to be transformed in the next two decades. Please consider making a donation now.


Thank you for taking action to sustain our world. With you, we can!