Dairy Agriculture Sustainability


Manomet scientists are working with the U.S. dairy industry to measure and manage for sustainability and create a more sustainable relationship between the economy and nature.  Working with dairy farmers across the U.S., we have created a sustainability toolkit that they can use to evaluate their sustainability and identify opportunities for improvement.  We are revising this tool and it will be online in 2018.  Manomet is also collaborating with AgriMark (a regional cooperative) to help dairy farms improve their sustainability by using the tool and developing follow up projects.


We have worked with the Massachusetts's Dairy Promotion Board to assess dairy farmers in Massachusetts in understanding their impacts to the economy, local communities, and the environment.  Manomet also worked with ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s and the St. Albans dairy cooperative to improve dairy farm sustainability.  This program is helping reduce the impacts of animal agriculture in the United States without compromising the positive impacts of dairy agriculture on local economies, local communities, and human nutrition. 


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