Management consultant Anthony Jaccarino joined Manomet this week as a senior program manager to lead the Small Business Sustainability Benchmarking Tool project and increase the number of participating businesses.


“I am thrilled to bring Anthony on staff,” said Sustainable Economies Program Director Andy Whitman. “He shares our passion for using critical thinking and evidence-based knowledge to build solutions that will help make our planet more sustainable. He knows strategy as well as what it takes to get things moving on the ground.”


Jaccarino has been working with small to medium-sized businesses on strategy, marketing, and finance. He also has experience driving major change and talent management initiatives with larger companies on a global scale.


“It is exciting to bring on board someone from the business side to begin to round out our program’s talent and ability to tackle sustainability more deeply,” Whitman said.


The Small Business Sustainability Benchmarking Tool enables businesses to assess their financial, social, and environmental practices and improve those over time. In March, Manomet announced that federal Small Business Development Centers and Women’s Business Centers in Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire will use Manomet’s small business sustainability tool to support their clients.


Jaccarino received his MBA from the University of New Hampshire where he focused on entrepreneurship and behavioral finance. Prior to business school Anthony completed postgraduate training in psychology at the Concord Institute and received a BA/MA in music theory from Queens College.


Whitman predicted that Jaccarino’s business perspective will benefit other Sustainable Economies Program efforts, including the Grocery Stewardship Certification Program.


Dave McGlinchey