Manomet Staff

April is citizen science month! There are plenty of ways you and your family can participate in citizen science projects this spring while being safe and also having fun.

Check out some activities from our science staff to learn how you can become a #ManometCitizenScientist! Use this hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your family’s adventures in field science with us.

Click above to download a copy of our citizen science activities and become a #ManometCitizenScientist this spring!

Migration Magic

Did you know that billions of birds fly north every spring from South and Central America to breed and nest during the summer? Right now, warblers, vireos, orioles, and more are heading to a forest, park, or yard near you to rest and feed before continuing their northward migration. Many will even stay for the summer!

Thousands of people use eBird to share their bird sightings every day from around the world.

Finding migrating birds is as easy as going to an area with lots of trees and natural features early in the day between now and June with a pair of binoculars! With the help of a parent or other trusted adult, you can even list your bird sightings online in a giant citizen science database called eBird, a place where, every day, thousands of people upload their bird sightings from around the world. Each sighting is an important contribution to data that can help protect bird populations, so even one- entry will make a big difference! Go to to learn more. You may need an adult’s help in setting up an eBird account.