Emily Renaud

Communications Coordinator
Why Bird-A-Thon?

Manomet’s Bird-A-Thon is an annual opportunity to join others in supporting hemispherically and globally significant research and education that has powerful and enduring impact. My students learn so much about science and about environmental indicators through analysis of decades of banding data graphs that Trevor presents for their scrutiny.  Manomet’s banding lab research and education helps to shape current and future generations of environmental stewards.

Deb Harrison - Manomet Trustee

With summer winding down, it feels as though our days of beachy fun and backyard barbeques are behind us as we look ahead to cooler weather and earlier sunsets. (Boo, hiss!) However, if you’re a bird nerd like many of us, you know that this is actually one of the most wonderful times of year: the start of fall migration and Manomet’s Bird-A-Thon! (Hooray!)

Our 41st annual Bird-A-Thon will take place this September 14-15. For those who have never participated, here’s how it works…

  • We invite EVERYONE, no matter your age, location, or birding skill level, to participate, which you can do either by forming a team and raising funds or supporting your favorite team with a contribution;
  • You have 48 hours—from 12 AM September 14 to 11:59 PM September 15—to find and list as many birds as possible wherever you like to bird, from desert flats in Nevada to your own backyard in Plymouth, Massachusetts;
  • Share your bird list with us via eBird and wait while we analyze the data and decide this year’s champion(s)! (Find this year’s official rules here.)

All funds raised through Bird-A-Thon go directly to our Landbird Conservation Program to support our work connecting people with nature. This year, support will also go toward revitalizing the Massachusetts Young Birders Club, a group that provides opportunities for youth bird enthusiasts to meet and go birding. Manomet is working to help the club grow their network and provide resources that will allow them to get out and bird.