Emily Renaud

Communications Coordinator

Fall migration is officially here, and the banding lab is up and running once again!  After a pared-down banding operation during the spring season, Manomet is excited to welcome four seasonal banders to Manomet’s Plymouth headquarters this month for the 55th fall season.

The Landbird Conservation Team—comprised of Trevor Lloyd-Evans, Director, Evan Dalton, Lead Instructor, and Alan Kneidel, Staff Biologist— did record some data during spring migration, but having a full banding staff is crucial for a complete, consistent look at long-term trends. “We have always had banders in the lab since we started in 1966, and it’s essential to continue doing so to maintain our over 50-year-old dataset,” says Trevor. “Having a full team keeps the lab running at full capacity, capturing and recording data on as many birds as possible. It also helps us to connect people to nature and educate the next generation of conservation biologists.”

After testing negative for COVID-19, the banders— Cynthia Ramirez, Jeremiah Sullivan, Megan Gray, and Sarah Duff—arrived at Manomet the week of August 10 and will be here for the fall season. The banding staff is taking many safety measures because of the pandemic, including limiting contact with other Manomet staff, wearing masks, frequent handwashing and sanitation of equipment throughout the day, and reducing outside visitation. Prior to the banders’ arrival, the Landbird Conservation Team installed a pop-up tent on the outdoor patio to allow for an open-air banding station.