Liana DiNunzio

Manomet Shorebird Biologist

AUGUST 3-11, 2024

Call for Participants

Manomet launched the International Shorebird Survey (ISS), a volunteer-based shorebird survey, 50 years ago to increase knowledge of shorebird migration throughout the Western Hemisphere. Since then, hundreds of ISS volunteers have collected data contributing to important shorebird research and conservation measures. Last year we held the first-ever Massachusetts Shorebird Blitz, a coordinated survey of shorebird stopover sites, using the ISS framework. The goal was to get a minimum estimate of the number of shorebirds using our coastline during peak southbound migration and to identify significant stopover locations. Last year, 89 participants surveyed 115 sites throughout the coast of Massachusetts. We counted 73,088 shorebirds of 29 species. We’d like to give a hearty “Thank you!” to all who made the first MA Shorebird Blitz a success! Data collected during these annual surveys will guide future research and conservation work in the state.

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 Massachusetts Shorebird Blitz is scheduled for Saturday, August 3 to Sunday, August 11. We are looking for participants skilled in shorebird identification and counting to survey shorebird sites throughout the state. Participants will conduct surveys using the ISS protocol within the survey window (August 3-11). Data will be submitted to eBird using the ISS data entry protocol.

Surveyors can sign up for either a priority site or a suitable shorebird site of their choosing. We would like nearby sites surveyed on the same date and tide to avoid double-counting shorebirds that might use multiple sites throughout the day. Therefore, coordinating with other participants to plan the exact date and tide to perform surveys may be necessary. Surveys can be conducted individually or as a small group.

If you are interested in participating in this event you can contact Liana DiNunzio, Manomet Shorebird Biologist, by phone (508.209.1575) or email ( We’d love to hear from you, whether you are new to ISS, a long-time volunteer, or want to suggest a shorebird site to include in the event.

Note: While participation in this year’s Blitz does not commit you to becoming a long-term ISS volunteer, we encourage interested surveyors to sign up for regular surveys throughout both migration seasons. If you have questions about volunteering for ISS regularly, please contact Lisa Schibley the ISS Coordinator for North America (